Adaptation with animals

Adaptation with animals

Hello friends……we know that animals are found all over the world. Some animals live on the land and some live in water. Some animals live in hot deserts whereas some live in cold polar regions. Adaptation with animalsAdaptation with animals

All living organisms adjust themselves to their surroundings to live. All they have their natural home, which is called HABITAT. They have special features, which help them to survive. (Adaptation with animals)

seasons in a year or “seasons”


”Favourables features present in animals that help them to survive in their habitat are known as adaptation”. It may be in the form of change in colour, shape, size and nature.


Some animals live in the water,  some on land, on trees and some animals live in the air etc. Based on these, animals are divided into five categories.

Adaptation with animals


Animals that live on land are called terrestrial animals. Some terrestrial examples are Elephant, Tiger, lion, Zebra, Rabbit, Giraffe etc.


Animals that live in water are called aquatic animals. Some aquatic examples are Fish, whales and octopuses etc.



Animals that can live both on land and in water are called amphibians. Examples are frogs, toads, salamanders etc. 


Animals that spend most of their times on trees areAdaptation for animals called arboreal animals. Monkeys, gibbons and chimpanzees are some arboreal examples.


Animals that spend most of their time in air are called aerial animals. Some examples are Birds, butterfly and bats etc.Adaptation of animals







 some animals have different types of adaptations to survive in extreme weather conditions. these may be of two types.


Birds living in extremely cold places like Siberia, cannot survive in the cold winters there. So, they leave their homes in winter and fly thousands of kilometres to warmer places in search of food and shelter. They go back to their native places when winter ends there.Adaptation for animals

The regular mass movement of birds from a colder region to warmer regions, is known as migration”.


During summer, animals are in the habit of eating a lot. In winter, they become inactive and go in deep sleep to protect themselves from harsh weather.Adaptation of polar bear

”This deep sleep of some animals like polar bears, lizards and frogs during winter, is called winter sleep or hibernation”.


Animals are hunted and eaten by other animals. so, they need protection from their enemies in their surrounding. now the question is how? let’s see


”Some animals like zebra, chameleon (a lizard-like animal) and grasshopper can merge their colour and shape with their surroundings. this is called camouflage and these animals are called camouflaging animals”.adaptatoin of snake

Camouflage makes an animal hard to be seen in its surrounding. This adaptation protects them from their enemies.


Tortoises and snails have hard shells that cover and protect their soft bodies. Porcupines and hedgehogs have sharp spines to protect themselves Adaptation of animalsfrom their enemies.


Some animals like deer, giraffe and ostrich have strong legs.

They can run very fast whenever they sense any danger.Adaptation of animals

 POISOwith stingN-

Animals such as bees and wasps have stings. They use their stings to inject poison into the bodies of their enemies and thereby protect themselves.


Different animals eat different kinds of food. On the basis of eating habit of animals, we can divide them into the following three groups:


”Some animals, eat only plants.they are known as plant-eating animals or herbivores”.

For example:- cow, goat, buffalo,  dear etc.Adaptation for animals

`They use their flat and broad front teeth to bite off the leaves and grass. They use their strong grinding teeth to chew their food.


”Some animals like lion and tiger eat the flesh of other animals. Adaptation of animalsThey are known as flesh-eating animals or carnivores”.

Their front teeth(canines) are sharp and pointed. These teeth help them to tear the flesh. Their back teeth are flat and broad. These teeth help them to chew the food. 


”Some animals eat both plants and animals, they are called Adaptation for animalsomnivores”. For examples-crow, bear, human beings etc. 

Adaptation with animals

thanks for reading about animals

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