Adaptation with plants

Adaptation with plantsadaptation with plants

Hello students….. let’s start with ”adaptation with plants”…we know that plants are found all over the world. Like animals, some plants live in hot and desert and some live in cold regions. Some plants and animals live on the land and some live in water. We know that plants are living things, and the natural home of the plant is called  ”habitat”. Adaptation with plants.

”Favourable features in plants that help them to survive in their habitat are known as adaptation”.

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Types of plants- 

We know on the earth, some area is covered by land and some area is covered by water. Plants are present everywhere, Depending on this, plants are of generally two types.

 Terrestrial plants-

 Most of the plants grow on land. The plants that grow on land are called Terrestrial plants. For example Pine, Fir, and Neem, etc.

aquatic plants-

We are in the habit of seeing plants in the water. Plants that grow in water are called aquatic plants. For example Lotus, tape grass and water hyacinth, etc.adaptation with plants

Terrestrial regions and plants-

Terrestrial means land. The land has forests, mountains, plains and deserts. There are some places where it rains heavily and some places that receive medium or very little rain. Let us know about these areas and plants that grow here.


 Hot and dry places are called deserts. We know that there is very little water in the deserts. Most of the plants grow without leaves or have very few leaves.  For example cactus, date Palm, Babool, keekar, etc.

 Mountain regions-

These regions are normally very cold and windy. In some areas, snowfall may take place in Winters. for example, pine, fir, deodar, and spruce, etc.terrestrial plant


Hot and humid regions-  

 Some regions are very hot and humid. In hot and humid regions, trees have lots of leaves. Plants like teak, rubber, pepper, coffee, and sugar cane grow here.


Plain regions-

  These regions are normally, neither too cold nor too hot. Trees such as terrestrial plantmango, peepal, banyan, and Sheesham grow here.

seasons in a year or “seasons”


Marshy regions- 

 Water-logged places are called swamps (marshes). Marshy places have sticky and clayey soil. Mangroves are plants that grow in marshy regions. Adaptation with plants

Adaptation with plants

thanks for reading about plants.

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