“Effect of the good company”

“Effect of the good company”

"Effect of the good company"

Hello friends…..this story tells us about the reality of life that how our life is effected by our surroundings. With good people, or with good company, people lift up their life. Whereas negative people bring you down. Always try to surround yourself with good company.

Friends….. here come to the story “Effect of the good company” and I do hope you will like this.

Once upon a time, a huge animal fair was organised in the city of a kingdom. In that fair, different varieties of animals and birds were present for the sale. A parrot seller had two parrots for sale. He had fixed the cost of the two parrots. One man came to him and asked the price of the parrots. He told one parrot is of rupees 500 and the second parrot is of only rupees 5.

The man was surprised and confused as well. He thought both the parrots are the same, still such a difference? As he was a parrot lover, he asked about the differences. The seller told, “you will come to know about this difference, if you buy”. But the man felt something strange, so he refused to buy it.

After a while, the king of that city passed by the parrot seller. He was also a pet lover. So after watching the parrot he thought, he must buy a parrot. He went to the parrot seller and asked about prices. the seller said one is of 500 rupees and another is of 5 rupees.

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 The king was also very much Surprised. He said, man! why is there so much difference between the prices of your parrots? He said, O king! you can buy both the parrots and find out for yourself.

The king was very curious to find the difference and so he purchased both the parrots. All the day he was watching the activities of both the parrots but he didn’t get any difference. The whole day went by.

At night, before going to bed the king hung the cage of 500 rupees parrot in his bedroom. The next morning when he woke up, he heard that someone is saying suprabhatto him. He came to know that it was a parrot of rupee 500. It pleased the king very much. Then he saw the parrot is singing a very sweet prayer. The whole day the king was very happy and energetic.

The next night he hung the cage of 5 rupees parrot in his bedroom. In the morning, as the king woke up, the parrot started abusing the king and saying very bad things in the dirty language. The king was very disappointed. That parrot’s activities made the king so angry. Finally, he decided on a death punishment and ordered his soldiers to kill that parrot.

From the little distance, the other parrot (of 500 rupees) was watching everything. It had heard everything and started screaming. The king went their. The king uttered, “what is the matter? Why are you screaming?” the parrot said that parrot is his brother. We were caught together. I was brought up by a holy man whereas my brother was brought up by a drunkard man. I learned lots of good habits whereas he learned only bad things from the drunkard man. It is the result of the companies we kept. It is not my brother’s fault.”english moral story

The king listened to the parrot very carefully and got all the things. He realised its nothing but only the effect of the company they had. So he ordered his soldiers to release the abusive parrot to send it back to the forest. He also came to know the reason why one parrot was for 500 rupees. It was “effect of the good company” which raised his value in comparison with another parrot of rupees only 5.

 The moral of the story:-

Everybody is known by the company he or she keeps, always stay away from bad companies. Good people in our surroundings are always a part of one’s successes.

thanks for reading this story “Effect of the good company”

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