Importance of plants on our planet earth

Importance of plants on our planet earth

Let’s start with the importance of plants on our planet earthHello friends…… nowadays we are living in an educated society where everybody has a dream to be a successful person in every aspect. Everybody is making other people understand the things that what is right and what is wrong.

But what is the advantage of our education if we are not getting the importance of plants in our life, or on the earth? We are on the way, where we are facing problems due to the deterioration of plants. If we are not serious about our environment, it would be very dangerous for every species on the earth. Let’s understand what is the ‘Importance of plants on our planet earth’.



Importance of plants on our planet earth

Source of oxygen-(importance of plants)-

Plants are a good source of oxygen. In the daytime, plants make their own food with the help of sunlight water and carbon dioxide, this process is known as photosynthesis. After photosynthesis oxygen is released. which is an essential part of all living organisms.

We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Which is further used by plants. So plants covered area is the oxygen-rich area and would be pollution-free. We can not imagine human’s and animal’s life without oxygen, that is why plants are very important for us.

Source of food-(importance of plants)-

Plants are a good source of food. As written above, plants make their own food through the process of photosynthesis. We are in the habit of eating green plants. All the vegetarians eat green plants. Many animals, on the earth, are herbivores, which means they only depend upon plants.

Humans get everything from plant-like fruits, roots stems, and leaves. Different plants give different types of food. Means we eat leaves of some plants, we eat fruits of some and, roots and stems are also eaten by humans and animals. We can assume the situation if there are no plants around us.

Source of wood-(importance of plants)-

plants and trees are good sources of wood. nowadays we are using high-quality things like a bed, furniture, chairs and other items which are made of wood. Pine,  spruce, juniper aspen, hornbeam, and birch, etc are the type of wood. It is used for buildings constructions. Wood is used for tool handles and cutlery. it is used for making wooden spoon and widely used for making pencils.

Source of water-(importance of plants)-

Everybody knows how essential is water in our life.  We can say life is only possible when water is there. Plants play an important role in the earth’s water cycle. Plants absorb water through their roots and through transpiration water gets out into the atmosphere. After the further accumulation of moisture, the formation of clouds takes place, which converts in to rain on the earth surface.


Importance of plants on our planet earth

Source of medicine-(importance of plants)-

Many essential medicines are being made from a different-different plant extract or synthesized plant compounds. For example bark of the willow is used for Aspirin. The bark of the cinchona tree is used for malaria drug ingredient, quinine. In ayurvedic chikitsa padahtti and holistic treatment plant-based, medicine is used. Near about 70 to 80 percent of people in the world are using plants based medicine.

6 medicinal plants/herbs at home

Plants are important to reduce global warming (reduce greenhouse gases)-

what are greenhouse gases?  Water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone are the primary greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere. The nature of these gases is, to absorb radiant energy to a large extent. The presence of these gases on the earth’s surface in a high amount means trapping of more thermal energy, due to which automatically temperature of the planet earth will increase. This increasing temperature (due to increasing greenhouse gases) is the main reason for global warming.

Now we talk about our present situation, what are we doing. In the present scenario for our needs, we are continuously exploiting our environment. How?

As the population increases, we need the house to live, so we are destroying the forest,  are cutting trees. For wood, for water, and for fuel, etc we have been exploiting our earth for a long.

How can we reduce global warming-

Less number of plants and trees means, there is no proper consumption of carbon dioxide due to which, a huge amount of carbon dioxide will present on the earth’s surface. Carbon dioxide has the tendency to trape solar energy which is the reason for the high temperature on earth. Plants are only there to consume this carbon dioxide for food production and then, release oxygen.

It means as many as plants are there in our environment, there is less tendency to increase the temperature because of the absence of greenhouse gases and hence no global warming will be on the earth.

So our main focus on this point should be, that we have to plant more and more trees. We should make a proper plan for afforestation. 

Plants remove air pollution-

The air in Earth’s atmosphere is made up of approximately 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen and small amounts of lots of other gases like carbon dioxide, neon, and hydrogen are also present in the air.

Due to deforestation, the earth is going to become plants deficient. Because of this, the concentration of unwanted or undesirable particles are increasing day by day in the air. Which pollutes the air, known as air pollution.

Air pollution can only be cured by planting more and more trees. Through several processes or mechanisms, plants improve air quality. For instance, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis.

By transpiring water vapour, plants increase humidity through microscopic leaf pores.  On the external surfaces of leaves, plants can passively absorb pollutants, and also, on the plant root-soil system plants can passively absorb pollutants.


Importance of plants on our planet earth

Plants reduce flood & droughts-

The nature of the plant’s root is to bind the soil. In barren lands, where there are no plants, in the rainy season soil erosion commonly takes place. This takes the loss of the land. But the area where a lot of plants are there, soil erosion is not such a big issue.

 Area, covered with plants is more capable of absorbing rainwater. This reduces the volume of water flowing over the surface in rainy time and thus reduces the volume of water entering rivers and streams. Generally, these areas are considered drought-free areas. 
In barren lands, floods often increase because most of the rainwater enters streams and rivers in a very short timeframe. .This water usually flows into the ocean, while also causing soil erosion which leads to a loss in soil nutrients. This is why large areas of formerly productive land, where annual rainfall is relatively high, have become desertified once tree cover is removed.

Plants are responsible for rainfall-(maintain the water cycle process on earth)-

Due to the sun’s heat, water evaporates from plants and rises higher in the form of water vapour. In the atmosphere as the height increases, the cold temperature condenses the water vapour into water droplets. These water droplets convert into a raincloud and finally, water returns to the earth in the form of rain.

This complete cycle, in which we see evaporation, transpiration, precipitation, and finally, absorption of water is known as the water cycle.

This is a very important ecological process that maintains a balance of water between the earth’s atmosphere and ecosystem. In all these processes, plants play a signeficant role.

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