Once upon a time, there was a village. In this village, there were two brothers, Ram and Shyam."TWO BROTHERS AND SPIDER WEB" Near this village, there was a temple on a high heel, people from far off places visited it. Ram and Shyam were very keen to go there but all the while they were not getting any chance to go. But fortunately, one day, they got the chance and finally, they were, in the temple. That day both were very happy. With all happiness, they walked all around the temple. They had been enjoying there, and the whole day passed by. It was evening time when they realised that they should move now. It was getting dark. While returning, they got a mysterious or strange feeling that they were being followed. Very soon they came to know that some robbers are behind them.

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They both started running just. The robbers pursued them. The darkness had fallen. The two boys ran to an old broken down Temple. They thought of hiding into it. One of them lit a match to see the door. The door had broken off and the entrance was covered by the layers of the spider web.

Shyam said to his brother, poor spiders must have worked hard to spin that complex thing. Ram also agreed to what Shyam had said. So to save the spider’s work, they jumped into the temple over a wall and save the spider’s webs. Soon the robbers arrived at the broken down Temple.

Before entering the broken temple one of the robbers lit matchsticks and examine the entrance. They saw the spider web. Their chief said, they can’t be inside. Otherwise, these spider webs would have been torn apart. Let’s go back. And thus the two brothers, Ram and Shyam were saved from the robbers.


The two brothers respected the labour of the spiders that saved their lives. Being thoughtful for others is a great quality which gets rewarded in many ways.

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